Types of Kombucha

In the event that you’ve arrived here you’ve most likely made the same (absolutely marvelous) botch I did. You purchased a container of kombucha at the store, drank it, adored it and afterward did it once more. In the long run you were purchasing a container for regular of the week. That was until the point when you understood your booch propensity was wreaking destruction on your wallet.

Thus, you began inquiring about how to make your own. Perhaps you’ve officially influenced your to possess. Possibly you’re similar to me and go google insane to ensure you know everything just to wind up noticeably more befuddled. In my journey for preparing my own kombucha I went over words like Heirloom and Tibetan and had no clue how they related kombucha. Legacy? I expected it implied you got your kombucha from your grandmother. It turns out there are diverse kinds of kombucha SCOBY strains (like Heirloom and Tibetan!) that can yield distinctive outcomes in your completed kombucha.

What the hell IS A SCOBY ANYWAY?

SCOBY isn’t only an epithet for the slimey looking animal in your kombucha. It’s an acronym: Symbiotic Community of Bacteria and Yeast. Fundamentally, it’s a home for microorganisms and yeast. A SCOBY is the thing that transforms your sweetened tea into kombucha. The SCOBY bolsters on sugar amid the aging procedure. Once completed, you have a tart and marginally bubbly refreshment.

A SCOBY is regularly alluded to as a mother. Most solid moms deliver an infant SCOBY amid the aging procedure. Infant SCOBYs can be left in your kombucha mix for a few maturation cycles. Once they’re enormous and sufficiently sound, they can be isolated from the mother and put into a SCOBY inn or passed on to companions. Basically your infant SCOBY can transform into another person’s mom SCOBY. Since we’ve had the flying creatures and honey bees talk, how about we examine the diverse sorts of kombucha SCOBY strains.



Indeed, you can become your own particular SCOBY from a container of locally acquired kombucha. I have not attempted it but rather Brandon from the FermUp Podcast clarifies the procedure on his blog. A typical issue with this strain of SCOBY is locally acquired kombucha can contain yeast inhibitors or added substances. You have to search for a kombucha that is crude, unpasteurized and unflavored. Else you might sit tight always for the SCOBY to develop keeping in mind the end goal to start utilizing it. These sort of SCOBYs have a tendency to have the most brief aging time and you can utilize them with any tea from the Camellia sinensis family. The most well known teas are green, dark and oolong. Maintain a strategic distance from seasoned teas or anything with an oil in it. Earl Gray tea is great case of this as it is seasoned with bergamot oil. The oil can debilitate your SCOBY and you’ll in the end execute your mom. You would prefer not. 😉


Essentially, any SCOBY that isn’t developed from a jug is a vintage or treasure SCOBY. As I specified before, a mother SCOBY produces an infant SCOBY and the infant can be passed on to another person. Ta-da, a Heirloom SCOBY! Much the same as the ones developed from a container, Vintage or Heirloom SCOBYs can be utilized with any tea from the Camellia sinensis family. When you have additional SCOBYs you can start to try different things with various teas or a mix of teas to find what enhance you like most.


A Tibetan SCOBY is said to have begun in Tibet. It’s customarily blended utilizing pu-erh tea. Pu-erh tea by and large has a gritty taste and when utilized produces a gentle tasting kombucha. I’ve perused it’s the best alternative for turning kids on to the essence of kombucha however have not tried that speculation by and by. It likewise has a tendency to be the most drastically averse to swing to vinegar which takes into consideration a more extended mature time coming about is a greater amount of the well done that kombucha is known for.


Goodness, the island young lady. She sounds really, isn’t that so? All things considered, don’t give the name a chance to trick you. She looks simply like all the others. The Island Girl SCOBY strain was initially developed from kombucha purchased on tap in Sanibel Island, Florida. The story is a woman got it on tap, developed some SCOBY babies and began pitching them to others. An Island Girl SCOBY is frequently utilized with oolong tea and the outcome is for the most part portrayed as smooth and all around adjusted. They likewise tend to age the slowest of the considerable number of strains so be set up to hold up longer in the event that you pick this strain.

Tea for kombucha

You unquestionably don’t need to utilize particular teas with particular SCOBYs. Some portion of the enjoyment of blending at home is that you can trial to your souls content. It ought to likewise be brought up that an Island Girl or Tibetan ought to be viewed as a Heirloom/Vintage SCOBY as well. For instance, you got a Tibetan SCOBY from a companion, this SCOBY is both a Tibetan and a Heirloom since it has been passed on to you.


All things considered, that is an extraordinary inquiry. Tragically, no two SCOBYs will appear to be identical and it’s difficult to comprehend what you have by taking a gander at it. An indication that you have a SCOBY developed from a jug is if your mix tends to mature rapidly and turn vinegary inside 7-10 days. Other than that, you have to depend on the data given to you when you got the SCOBY. Have confidence!


As I would like to think, it’s ideal on the off chance that you can get a SCOBY from a put stock in companion or relative; a treasure or vintage SCOBY. Thusly you will know how the SCOBY was developed, what sort of tea was utilized, and so on. When I began blending kombucha I didn’t know anybody with additional SCOBYs so I swung to the web. There is a brilliant group of individuals willing to pass on SCOBYs on the web (you’ll pay a delivery and taking care of expense, typically $10).

You can likewise buy SCOBYs on Etsy for a comparable cost. This vender is respectable and tosses in a few additional items. Make certain to check the audits to ensure the merchant is offering sound SCOBYs and gives you no less than 2 measures of starter fluid. You’ll require both a SCOBY and starter to start your first cluster. My first SCOBY was a Heirloom Island Girl that a woman I met through one of the numerous aging gatherings on Facebook sent to me. I sent her $10 through Paypal and a couple of days after the fact I had a sound SCOBY and a lot of starter tea to make a gallon of kombucha. The rest is history! 😉


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